Top 5 Best Bars in Ibiza – Summer Tribe


Top 5 Best Bars in Ibiza – Summer Tribe

Top 5 Best Bars in Ibiza

Ibiza is the world’s club party capital.

With its famous super-clubs, international party residencies and global music brands: this little Balearic island has one of the best music scenes you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

But there’s also so much more to Ibiza.

Aside from its stunning Es Vedrà scenery in the south, gorgeous white beaches of Formentera and bliss nature spots, Ibiza also provides a top-notch bar scene for workers and tourists alike.

Here’s a look at the some of the best bars in Ibiza for seasonal workers.

Itaca, San Antonio

This is the unofficial west end worker’s after-party spot. When the famous San An’ strip closes for the night, you’ll likely make your way down towards the beach and into Itaca until the early-hours.

With live performances and music themed nights with DJs from around the world, Itaca is the perfect local worker’s playground.

In the day, the bar doubles-up as a restaurant and chill-out spot, where workers and tourists can enjoy some pre-party food without breaking into a 20 euro note.

Bora Bora, Playa den Bossa

If you’ve heard of Ibiza, then you’ve definitely heard of Bora Bora.

This beach front bar and club has been servicing Bossa’ rave revellers for decades now. It has some of the best intimate daytime events on the island, with special guests and local talents.

It’s also be known to host a number of infamous after-parties from the likes of Circoloco and Music On. Bora Bora is a beach-side bar with super-club attitude.

The Highlander, San Antonio

Located in the heart of San Antonio’s West End, The Highlander is one of the rowdiest bars you’ll find this side of the Mediterranean.

As its name suggest, The Highlander is Scottish through-and-through, serving British food favourites and drinks you’d find a bit closer to home.

At night, The Highlander transforms into a hive of pure, unadulterated fun. If you spend a season in Ibiza, you’ll no-doubt find yourself dancing on the tables here once or twice in the summer.

Tantra, Playa den Bossa

Back to the other side of the island, Tantra has been providing those early-evening, late-night music sessions and chill-out hours for years.

With a number of big-name DJ residencies and super-club pre-party evenings, Tantra is a top choice for those looking to begin their evening, before heading to Hï, just a 5-minute walk away, or before making the short journey to Ibiza Town to the likes of Pacha and HEART.

Also, don’t be surprised to see Tantra still going once you do eventually stumble out of the club. It’s the perfect place to both start your night and end it.

Mambo, San Antonio

You can’t talk about Ibiza bars without mentioning Café Mambo.

Mambo (or Mambos as its affectionally known as between workers) is without a doubt one of the most famous sunset spots in the world.

But when it comes to workers, Mambo is THE place to enjoy sunset on the rocks. Sure, you’ll be able to enjoy a sit-down meal here at some point in the summer, but some of the best nights happen in front of the bar, down by the sea, with a perfect view of day turning to night.

Just like its huge club scene, Ibiza also has its fair share of top-class bars which cater all types of summer workers. Check out our jobs section to see what you could be doing in resort.

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