Top 5 Best Bars in Ayia Napa – Summer Tribe

Top 5 Best Bars

Ayia Napa is a summer party destination with a difference.

Away from its world-class clubs, this Cypriot nightlife capital offers plenty when it comes to its bar scene.

The Square and the Napa’ strip are THE party meccas of Cyprus – but you’ll also find many hidden bar treasures down side-streets and away from the tourist magnets.

Ayia Napa is known for its diverse offerings in music, too. From Rap bars to Rock bars, Napa’ has you covered, both day and night.

There’s a reason this Mediterranean party resort has had thousands of workers coming back each and every year for decades now.

Here’s a look at five of the best bars in Ayia Napa.

Mollys Bar – Nissi Avenue

Mollys Bar is Ayia Napa’s unofficial workers’ meet-up spot.

Its located down on Nissi avenue, perfect place to start your evening with some live lounge styled music. Great drinks prices, and insane quality food.

A brand new renovated bar with live music, it’s no surprise it’s been a top hit!


Probably the most central place you can get in Ayia Napa. Another one newly renovated and brand new. Here you can expect top class drinks, top class dj’s, and some insane skills from bartenders.

They’ve also been known to host a few events here and there with some acts to look forward to!

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar is Ayia Napa’s answer to Honolulu.

This beachfront bar offers a calming location, but – as always – wait for the storm to arrive. Tiki Bar transforms later throughout the day, once the drinks begin flowing.

It’s also the starting point for the Mayhem Bar Crawl, one of Ayia Napa’s biggest and rowdiest all-day and night drinking sessions and something you’ll need to try at least once during your summer.

Bazaar Bar

Bazaar Bar brings an urban flavour to Ayia Napa’s rich and diverse nightlife scene.

Having been a part of Napa’s lively square for some time now, Bazaar Bar has established itself as THE place to be for fans of RnB, Hip Hop, Garage and all things urban.

Bazaar also acts as the pre-party spot for Black & White club further down the square. If you have a taste for urban beats, Bazaar Bar will more than satisfy your music palate.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business is as wild as the name suggests.

Gather your finest animal print and release the summer worker animal inside of you. You are away for the season, after all.

This primate themed dance bar is one of Napa’s most popular pre-club party and late-night spots for both workers and tourists. Here, all kinds of funny business happens – but you’ll soon find that out for yourself.

Hot sun, unforgettable memories and one of the liveliest bar scenes in Europe: that’s what Ayia Napa has provided for decades.

Which bar will you try first during your Ayia Napa season with Summer Tribe?

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Top 5 Best Bars in Marbella – Summer Tribe

Top 5 Best Bars in Marbella

Marbella is well known as one of the best summer getaway spots in the world. We recruit for many jobs in resort.

Its famous bar and club scene has serviced all kinds of international holidaymakers. Here, you’ll find some of the most stunning sunset views on this side of the globe.

Sure, it has a reputation for high-end luxury, lavish style and big wallets, but there are still plenty of places for summer workers to enjoy, regardless of budget.

This guide is more Puerto Banús focussed; that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of amazing bars to enjoy further along the Costa del Sol, though.

In no particular order, here are five of the best bars in Marbella.

Belvue Rooftop Bar

Amazing views of the magnificent La Concha mountain or an endless look over the crystal blue Mediterranean? Belvue Rooftop Bar offers both in spectacular fashion.

As a part of luxury hotel group Amàre, Belvue Rooftop Bar is a sophisticated spot to enjoy a day or evening of fine bar bites, expertly crafted cocktails and from-the-top-shelf drinks.

With a 360-degree view of the Marbella skyline, Belvue Rooftop Bar is the place to soak in the stunning summer sunset.

Funky Buddha Banús

Puerto Banús’ Funky Buddha is a bar with an exciting Oriental twist.

Serving light Japanese delights, exotic dancing, cabaret and more, Funky Buddha Banús marries a mixture of bar, club and restaurant characteristics to help create a special kind of Marbella vibe.

Most workers and tourists could find themselves enjoying an evening of Asian cuisine, all before the DJ turns on the music and the dancefloor opens up.


When it comes to luxury nights out on the Mediterranean, BREATHE provides everything and more.

Its open-air rooftop terrace Air is one of Puerto Banús coolest bars. Warm night-lighting, comforting modern décor and fresh culinary delights: this is what Marbella is all about.

For most seasonal workers, though, think of the Air sky-lounge as a special night-out. Enjoy spending some hard-earned summer cash in style.

O’Grady’s Irish Pub

Craving a proper glass of Guinness after a sun-soaked day at work? O’Grady’s Irish Pub is the place for you.

As the first Irish bar in the area, O’Grady’s has grown a strong reputation with ex-pats, tourists and, of course, summer workers.

This popular rowdy Irish pub is the perfect place to enjoy those all-day drinking sessions and late-night sing-a-longs.


Although you’ll likely spend most of your nights in Puerto Banús, there’s still plenty of bar fun to be had further inland.

Bar Six is situated in Marbella’s world-class Aloha Golf Valley, meaning this trendy open-air setting caters to all kinds of summer holidaymakers.

But you’ll also find a lot of seasonal workers making the short journey inwards to enjoy a beautiful sunset, tasty cocktails and late-night dancing. You could probably leave the 9 Iron at home, though.

Marbella is one of Summer Tribe’s more luxury resorts, but don’t worry: there’s plenty for everyone in this Costa del Sol party paradise. 

A summer in Marbella is just an application away.


Top 5 Best Bars in Magaluf – Summer Tribe

Top 5 Best Bars in Magaluf

Magaluf has been a summer party paradise for decades now.

Each year, thousands of young workers head to the hedonistic Majorca resort for a wild summer of unhinged fun and loose antics.

Magas’ famous strip on Punta Ballena is one of the rowdiest places on Earth. Its mile-long neon-lit is a summer party magnet for all kinds of holidaymakers.

But away from the late-night clubs and dancefloors, Magaluf has its fair share of top-class bars and chillout spots.

In no particular order, here’s a look at some of the best bars for Magaluf summer workers.

Magaluf Square

Although Magaluf Square isn’t just a single bar, it had to be included.

Just off the Punta Ballena strip, the Square – as it’s known as – is a hive of bustling bar energy, with a collection of some of the best drinking spots, all bundled close together.

The Square is the perfect meet-up and pre-drink spot for the Magaluf summer worker, all before heading back onto the strip and into the late-night.

Stereo Bar

Stereo Bar is a Magaluf worker’s favourite.

The venue splits into two parts. The bar services the day-time and early-evening Punta Ballena revellers, before the Temple Club opens up into the early-hours. Convenient.

The bar itself, though, is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing with food and sport on offer. There’s even a cocktail masterclass if you and your new worker friends want to treat themselves to something a bit different.

The Red Lion

There’s always a Red Lion. Luckily, Magaluf’s is one of the best.

Located in the heart of the strip, The Red Lion offers what all good bars do; a friendly atmosphere, good people and – more importantly – strong drinks.

The Red Lion is one of the strip’s most popular drinking spots, both day and night. Expect some proper Maga’ rowdiness.

Alex’s Bar

If you’ve been to Magaluf, then you’ve been to Alex’s.

Alex’s Bar and Lounge spreads across four locations, each serving a different kind of vibe and music style. Alex’s RnB, Alex Indie Bar and – the OG – Alex’s Lounge have each established themselves in their own right.

Alex’s Bar began serving-up Magaluf memories in 1995. If you choose this Majorca resort for your summer working abroad, then you’ll no-doubt add more to the list.

Jokers Bar

Jokers Bar provides the ultimate Maga’ getaway for workers looking for a more relaxed place to lounge around in during both day and night.

With filling pub grub, cold drinks and football on the big screen, Jokers provides a popular chill-out spot for both seasonal workers and tourists.

But the pub/lounge/club is also packed with good vibes and a top atmosphere. If things get too busy, though, you can always take a chair and settle down in Jokers’ own Chill Zone room, with pool tables, darts and more.

Magaluf didn’t earn its party reputation for no reason, but this popular Majorca resort really does offer all when it comes to its bar scene.

Which bar will you be starting your night in when you decide to spend your summer working one of our many jobs in Magaluf this year?

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Resort Jobs For Summer Travelling Abroad During Coronavirus

Seasonal Resort Jobs For Summer Travelling Abroad During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of life on hold. With sweeping restrictions and lockdown after lockdown, it’s hard to remember what normal life was like.

Fortunately, the worst is behind us. The new vaccine rollout is on a successful track in the UK and Europe. Who’d have thought it was possible just last year when the covid-19 pandemic was just beginning?

It may take a bit more time until we reach real normality, though. More positively, last summer, we still managed to enjoy a lot of the things that have been taken away from us at the moment. In July pubs, bars and restaurants opened – and that was the same across most of sunny Europe.

Last season we were still able to enjoy club nights at some of the world’s best party resorts. With the new vaccine looking a success, we know this summer can be even better.

Here’s a look at what you can expect this summer when working abroad.

What work will be available? 

Spain and other European governments announced they would be welcoming tourists in the upcoming spring. With tourism comes service, with service comes workers. All the major international party resorts rely on seasonal workers such as ourselves year-in-year-out.

Beach clubs need dancers, restaurants need waiting staff, bars need DJs, holiday companies need reps. The list goes on, you can visit our jobs page to see just some of the roles.

The sooner you get out there, the easier it will be to land a job for the whole summer. Remember, seasonal work isn’t always late nights and long hours. Work can be found in the day, whether that’s in a café helping in the kitchen or on a boat looking after rental clients in the sun. There’s opportunity everywhere, even during coronavirus.

Partying in a pandemic

Further across the Mediterranean, Ayia Napa, Malia and Zante all enjoyed lively summers. The main strips were open and the clubs were booming. Come summer this year, we know that party resorts across Europe will leave plenty of opportunity for fun.

Ibiza and Marbella adopted a new vibe. Known for their stunning beach clubs, lavish days out and luxury villa parties in the hills, both party resorts enjoyed a different kind of season, but still with all these included.

The super clubs didn’t open, but that still doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of dancing action. Ibiza’s famous O Beach – for instance – operated at a smaller capacity, but still with the same luxury bar-to-bed service and plenty of Wayne Lineker selfies.

Looking forward to summer

The last few months haven’t been fun. The world has undertaken the biggest healthcare crisis in a century. We all deserve a bit more when we come out of this.

Thankfully we can look back at last year when clubs were open across the Mediterranean. Of course, in some party resorts, last season wasn’t the same as usual. That’s understandable. Still, friendships were formed and memories were made at all Summer Tribe destinations.

This year tourism will open-up across Europe. That’s been confirmed. Hopefully – with the vaccine – we can expect fewer restrictions.

At Summer Tribe, we’re all counting down the days until we’re back out there this summer. We can’t wait for you to be with us.

If you’re ready to join the A Team working abroad this summer, with spaces filling very fast it’s important that you apply now. 


Holidays to Greece are on from May 14! Tourists welcome with or without a vaccine.

Greece welcome tourists from May 14th

GREECE opens its doors to holidaymakers by May 14th, encouragement from Greek Tourism Minister to British tourists looking for a place to travel.

Excellent news for us! Both Zante and Malia are Greek resorts we send numerous workers over to spend a summer season working.

Brits are currently banned from taking holidays overseas, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson will reveal the date international travel will restart on April 12.

Greek tourism minister Harry Theoharis made the announcement about the holiday hotspot opening its borders to foreign travellers yesterday afternoon.

Addressing ITB 2021 – the world’s largest tourism trade fair – Theoharis said the country had decided to adopt the slogan: “All you want is Greece.”

“This year and forever ‘all you want is Greece,’” he told delegates attending the conference in Berlin virtually.

“For the smile to return to your lips, with the hope you will take your life back all you want is Greece,” he said.

When speaking about the requirements to travel on Tuesday, Theoharis said visitors would be welcome if they fulfilled one of three criteria: they had been vaccinated, had antibodies or provided a negative test.

So that’s it then! Easy, either vaccine, antibodies, or negative test!

If you’re looking to spend a summer with one of the many jobs we recruit for in Greece. Here is the link to apply.


Top 5 Best Bars in Ibiza – Summer Tribe

Top 5 Best Bars in Ibiza

Ibiza is the world’s club party capital.

With its famous super-clubs, international party residencies and global music brands: this little Balearic island has one of the best music scenes you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

But there’s also so much more to Ibiza.

Aside from its stunning Es Vedrà scenery in the south, gorgeous white beaches of Formentera and bliss nature spots, Ibiza also provides a top-notch bar scene for workers and tourists alike.

Here’s a look at the some of the best bars in Ibiza for seasonal workers.

Itaca, San Antonio

This is the unofficial west end worker’s after-party spot. When the famous San An’ strip closes for the night, you’ll likely make your way down towards the beach and into Itaca until the early-hours.

With live performances and music themed nights with DJs from around the world, Itaca is the perfect local worker’s playground.

In the day, the bar doubles-up as a restaurant and chill-out spot, where workers and tourists can enjoy some pre-party food without breaking into a 20 euro note.

Bora Bora, Playa den Bossa

If you’ve heard of Ibiza, then you’ve definitely heard of Bora Bora.

This beach front bar and club has been servicing Bossa’ rave revellers for decades now. It has some of the best intimate daytime events on the island, with special guests and local talents.

It’s also be known to host a number of infamous after-parties from the likes of Circoloco and Music On. Bora Bora is a beach-side bar with super-club attitude.

The Highlander, San Antonio

Located in the heart of San Antonio’s West End, The Highlander is one of the rowdiest bars you’ll find this side of the Mediterranean.

As its name suggest, The Highlander is Scottish through-and-through, serving British food favourites and drinks you’d find a bit closer to home.

At night, The Highlander transforms into a hive of pure, unadulterated fun. If you spend a season in Ibiza, you’ll no-doubt find yourself dancing on the tables here once or twice in the summer.

Tantra, Playa den Bossa

Back to the other side of the island, Tantra has been providing those early-evening, late-night music sessions and chill-out hours for years.

With a number of big-name DJ residencies and super-club pre-party evenings, Tantra is a top choice for those looking to begin their evening, before heading to Hï, just a 5-minute walk away, or before making the short journey to Ibiza Town to the likes of Pacha and HEART.

Also, don’t be surprised to see Tantra still going once you do eventually stumble out of the club. It’s the perfect place to both start your night and end it.

Mambo, San Antonio

You can’t talk about Ibiza bars without mentioning Café Mambo.

Mambo (or Mambos as its affectionally known as between workers) is without a doubt one of the most famous sunset spots in the world.

But when it comes to workers, Mambo is THE place to enjoy sunset on the rocks. Sure, you’ll be able to enjoy a sit-down meal here at some point in the summer, but some of the best nights happen in front of the bar, down by the sea, with a perfect view of day turning to night.

Just like its huge club scene, Ibiza also has its fair share of top-class bars which cater all types of summer workers. Check out our jobs section to see what you could be doing in resort.

Apply here for your dream summer working in Ibiza.


Top 5 Best Bars in Zante – Summer Tribe

Top 5 Best Bars in Zante

Zante is one of Europe’s most stunning holiday destinations.

Its pristine white beaches and crystal blue waters have provided the perfect paradise getaway for all kinds of tourists, from all parts of the world.

But away from the peaceful coves, cliffs and caves: Zante is one of the best party spots on this side of the planet.

The Laganas strip – Zante’s nightlife capital – is a bustling bar heaven, packed with some of the finest tavernas, pubs and pre-party drinking spots on the Mediterranean.

In no particular order, here’s a look at five of the best bars in Zante.

The Sugar Lounge

A worker’s favourite, The Sugar Lounge – more commonly known as Sugar – is the perfect pre-party spot to begin your late-night Laganas adventure.

You’ll find amazing deals both for seasonal workers and tourists, with plenty of discounts, free shots and triple-strength drinks.

If there’s a football match on, Sugar is the place to be. It has plenty of screens set amongst a buzzing party atmosphere. England vs Scotland in the Euros this summer? Imagine the scenes.

The Loft

If you’ve been to Zante recently, chances are you’ve made your way up the steps to the middle of the strip outdoor lounge bar called ‘The Loft’ or ‘Loft’ as its known to the regulars. You’ve also got the pumping inner club as well, really is the best of both worlds!

Ran by the amazing ‘Bluebell’, Loft is a bar of premium drinks, classy vibes, and exceptional service. A certain workers favourite. They’re always adding new inventive drinks to the menu, and don’t even get us started on the shots! They put some serious effort into making home-made shots wether it be the Skittles vodka shots, or the Oreo shots.

If you’re in Zante and you do not go to the Loft, you’re seriously missing out!

Cheeky Tikis

Enjoy a cocktail or two? Maybe five? Cheeky Tikis has you covered.

This Hawaii-inspired open-air drinking spot has all the elements for a wicked night out on the strip, with live music, exotic drinks, beer pong, pool table and more.

Expect a relaxed, but by no means quiet atmosphere. Perfect for those early-evening starts where the only thing that will quench your 30-degree thirst is a Piña Colada with two rum servings. If you want to get absolutely blasted, try the famous Harribo Headf*cker.


A relaxing bar with chilled reggae vibes in the daytime, and a bass punching nightclub at night. This is the perfect spot for your premium cocktails.

Start your night off right with a nice tapas selection from the menu, followed by the mega €100 fishbowl that will take you and the crew some time to finish.

Also there’s an open air outdoor lounge with big cozy seats if you’re wanting more of a relaxed chilled vibe to go with your drinks. We’re also expecting some additional changes to be made for the coming season.

The Pub

The Pub. Who doesn’t like ‘the pub’?

This British-themed day-and-night bar is one of Zante’s most popular drinking spots, both for tourists and seasonal workers.

Its beer garden will give you all that hometown goodness, but without the rain. Added bonus, it also has a wide selection of premium spirits and ales, but still at worker-friendly prices.

We can happily say that we have great connections with these bars and more, making getting your foot in the door for jobs that much easier.

We could only narrow our list to five, but if we had to write about all the best bars in Zante, you’d probably be reading until it was time to get on that flight.

Apply Now for your summer away in Zante today with Summer Tribe.


Summer Jobs Abroad – Complete Guide to Our Resorts

Summer Jobs Abroad – A guide to Ayia Napa / Ibiza / Magaluf / Zante / Malia / Marbella

Working a season abroad is one of the most exciting and enriching things any young person can do in their life. With most young adults unsure what they want to do in their early-life, a summer away can provide some much-needed perspective and confidence.

Sure, there are parties, boat parties, club parties, villa parties, after parties – but doing a season abroad is much more than that.

Each year, thousands of young (and older) people will embark on a first dip into summer seasonal life. For some, meeting people in a new place comes easy. At Summer Tribe, we know not everyone who joins us is the same.

There are a lot of people who will try to take on their first summer abroad alone. Sometimes it works out, but for the most part, it’s a struggle.

Summer Tribe will help make that first summer a success.

Whether it’s Ibiza, Marbella, Magaluf or across the Mediterranean in Malia, Zante or Ayia Napa: Summer Tribe knows seasonal party destinations better than anyone.

To help you make a decision on where you’re going this year, here’s Summer Tribe’s complete guide to doing a summer season.


Ibiza is the holy grail of summer clubbing seasons.

With its world-beating super clubs, rich underground music scene and high-end luxury day resorts: Ibiza has everything.

This little party island in the Balearics is one of the most popular summer destinations for seasonal workers and tourists alike.

Ibiza has something for everyone. Here’s a look at why this party capital could be your new home this summer.

Ibiza Nightlife 

Ibiza at night doesn’t need much of an introduction.

Every summer, world famous party brands and superstar DJs will set-up residencies at the likes of Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, Hï and more.

Away from the super clubs, the White Isle is famed for its bustling late-night bar scene and sunset cocktail evenings at places like Café Mambo and Café Del Mar.

Then there’s always the infamous West End, still packed in peak season, providing those cheap drinks, long-hangovers and regretful decisions. The West End is a summer workers’ paradise.

Daytime in Ibiza 

Imagine just finishing-off an early-morning shift, gathering your new summer friends, putting on your best outfit and then taking over the O Beach dancefloor until sunset in San Antonio.

Ibiza has its fair share of party daytime delights. In San An’ – where most workers tend to stay – you have massive in the sun sessions at Ibiza Rocks and, of course, O Beach further down the bay.

Across the island, Destino and Ushuaïa host some of the world’s biggest music acts, with the likes of Marco Carola’s Music On and every summer worker’s favourite day-event: Ants.

Away from partying, Ibiza is also home to some of the finest beaches in Europe. Its sister island Formentera is a day-trip worth taking, with its white sand and crystal waters.

There’s also Es Vedra rock at sunset, which you’ll enjoy more than once if you decide to work in Ibiza this summer.

Ibiza Lifestyle 

In terms of living, Ibiza can be a more expensive option. Accommodation, for instance, is where most of your earnings will go – but don’t expect high-end. The important thing to remember is how much time will you really be spending in your room? Really not much when the island has so much to offer!

If super-clubs are your thing, Ibiza is unrivalled. Fancy a drink in them though? Be prepared to spend. Fortunately, workers tend to get looked after with reduced ticket prices and free guest-lists. If in doubt, always ask.

But although Ibiza is pricey, it can reflect in better earnings and more opportunities to make money during your summer. It’s always good to have a bit to fall back on in your early weeks, though.

In the end: Ibiza is always worth it.


Just a ferry away, another famous Balearic party island is waiting for a new round of summer workers.

Magaluf is one of the world’s wildest party destinations.

Located on the Spanish holiday island of Majorca, Magaluf has earned its summer hotspot reputation with young party goers from all parts of Europe.

Magaluf caters to a different kind of seasonal worker. Here’s a look at why Magaluf is one of the most popular working holiday resorts.

Magaluf Nightlife

Magaluf is one of the more established party destinations for young people and first-time holidaymakers.

The nightlife reflects that. Its famous strip is Majorca’s answer to Las Vegas, with endless neon signs and late nights.

Maga’ revellers can enjoy some of the most liveliest bars and clubs on this side of the Mediterranean. Hot spots like Lineker’s, Alex’s and Mambo’s, to name a few, are some favourite pre-party spots for workers.

Just like its White Isle neighbour across the Balearic’s, Magaluf has its own huge club scene. BCM is one of Europe’s biggest nightclubs. There are also worker favourites such as Tokio Joes and Boomerang’s.

In Magaluf, nightlife is king.

Daytime in Magaluf

For a lot of workers, night-time is usually work time, until they can have a few hours towards the end to enjoy usually at one of the famous workers afterparties.

Fortunately, Magaluf’s daytime party scene is just as superb.

The Majorca resort hosts some of the best boat parties you can find. These mid-day summer sun expeditions take no-holds-barred to a whole new meaning. Imagine all-inclusive alcohol, banging tunes and some seriously notorious drinking games, all in the middle of the deep blue.

Despite what your parents might believe, Maga’ isn’t just about partying. Sure, there are probably more pool parties in this resort than there are actual pools, but that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of sober fun to be had.

Magaluf’s Katmandu theme park has become an iconic fixture in the resort’s entertainment offerings. There’s also plenty of water parks and sports to enjoy in the day, too.

Magaluf Lifestyle

Compared to other resorts, Magaluf is a lot more night-time focused.

More jobs are at night, which may mean more late get-ups. A lot of workers will spend a few hours at work in the night, before heading to a club in the early-morning hours, then resting-up the next day by the pool before the next shift. Not a bad lifestyle, really?

The workers spirit is a lot more concentrated here. You will get to know everybody and anybody who’s out there to work. That means plenty of friendships and plenty of Maga’ memories.

Just stay away from the tattoo shop – or at least keep it tasteful, for your parent’s sake.


Marbella has built a reputation of luxury and lavishness over the years.

Each summer, you’ll see yacht-after-yacht docked in the Puerto Banús marina. It’s a place of wealth and entertainment – but these don’t always have to go hand-in-hand.

Dotted on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, Marbella is a Mediterranean haven like no other.

Sure, it’s more upmarket than most summer party resorts, but away from the glitzy nights, sparkling table service and shining yachts: Marbella has a bit of everything for everyone.

Will you choose Marbella this year? Here’s a look why you might.

Marbella Nightlife

Marbella’s club scene is as sparkling as its yacht scene.

Table service is a big thing out here, meaning there are plenty of well-paid hosting jobs with the opportunity to make some serious money.

In peak season, Marbella’s nightlife runs 7-days-a-week, so if you are working at a club, don’t expect any time off during busy months, but do expect some big tips.

The Costa del Sol hotspot is famed for its luxury open-air venues – as well as late night clubs. Places like Olivia Valere and Pangea have been servicing VIP and celebrity night-time needs for years now.

But if you’re worried about cost, Marbella’s ‘backline’ streets are filled with plenty of clubbing options on more of a budget, but still with that luxury feel.

Daytime in Marbella 

Marbella’s beach club scene is world-famous.

Nikki Beach and Ocean Club are two of those special open-air hotspots that have become a relaxed and indulgent place to practise all kinds of hedonism.

Away from the club scene, Marbella has plenty of free and fun things that seasonal workers can enjoy.

True to its Costa del Sol location, this coastal Spanish tourist favourite has plenty to explore. Whether it’s a day at the secluded Cabopino Beach, or shopping in the city: Marbella caters to all.

Marbella Lifestyle 

Marbella is a playground to the rich and famous – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by everyone.

Similarly to Ibiza, there are places where wealth goes a lot further, but there are also plenty of day and night activities to enjoy on a worker’s budget.

Fortunately, though, with wealthy tourists comes an opportunity for seasonal workers to earn more throughout the summer.

Marbella is a different kind of working holiday – and this reflects in the lifestyle. Just imagine what your Instagram feed will be looking at after five-months in Marbs’?


The Greek islands have been welcoming summer workers since holiday seasons began. Zante is one of the biggest.

As one of Europe’s most popular party islands, Zante (also known as Zakynthos) has become a rite of passage for thousands of first-time seasonal workers for decades now.

Its mile-long Laganas strip is a neon night haven, with streets lined bar-after-bar, as well as some of the best clubs you’ll find on this part of the planet.

But it’s also much more than clubbing.

Zante is one of the most picturesque holiday destinations in the world. Just take a look at Shipwreck Navagio Beach.

Here’s why Zante could be your place to live this summer.

Zante Nightlife 

Laganas is where the action is happening.

As well as lively bars and the more general club nights, Zante has a host of ticketed events featuring world-famous artists. In 2019, Aitch and Nathan Dawe took over Plus Club for a very special night. That’s just one example. 

In Zante, the mile-long Laganas strip satisfies all clubbing needs.

Rescue and Cocktails and Dreams are two favourites of holidaymakers and tourists alike – but with Zante everywhere tends to be busy.

Daytime in Zante 

The Greek islands are renowned for their stunning natural beauty. Zante more than delivers on expectation.

Gather your new Tribe friends and take in the beauty of the Blue Caves, or even hire your own boat for the day and head to Turtle Island. Yeah. Turtles!

But if you still have some appetite for a daytime session, then Zante has you covered on all bases.

Pool parties, boat parties, beach parties and, of course, the famous White Party at Republic Beach Club. All this is the gorgeous Greek summer sun. You also have the brand new renovated Infinity Beach Club which was a customer and workers favourite in 2020!

Zante is a real slice of daytime paradise.

Zante Lifestyle

Zante offers a summer lifestyle dream on a budget.

As a Greek island, accommodation and living costs are a little cheaper in comparison to the popular Spanish resorts.

You’ll also find a bit more of a relaxed culture. That’s just how the Greeks do it.

Throw in some amazingly fresh Mediterranean cuisine and you can start to see why Zante is one of the most popular holiday and season workers locations.


Malia is another resort full of madness.

Nestled in towards the north east side of Crete, Malia is another Greek island resort full of night-time fun and excitement.

As the largest Greek island, Crete offers a bit extra in terms of space. The land itself stretches over 160-miles from point-to-point.

Even so, from most family resorts, the night-time lights of Malia can be spotted in the far distance.

Malia is Crete’s party capital.

Malia Nightlife 

Malia’s mile-long strip is a colourful as it is energy-inducing.

Starting from the top and meandering down towards the beach, Malia’s bar and club scene is one of the best you’ll find in this part of Europe.

Working in Malia means plenty of club opportunities. Here, you’ll find PRs, shot sellers, ticket reps and so much more.

A lot of seasonal workers will work a shift at some of the resorts more chilled pre-party spots, before heading to the likes of Zig Zag Club, Candy and Apollo and dancing until sunrise.

In Malia, the strip is filled with pure, unrelenting, infectious party energy.

Daytime in Malia 

Like Zante, Malia is blessed with crystal Greek clear water and stunning natural beauty spots.

Located at the bottom of the strip, Malia’s main beach opens up into a wide, open and charming piece of scenery, blessed with golden sand and dotted trees.

There’s also plenty of water-sport fun to be had, too, as well as a nearby water park just a stone’s throw away from the sand.

Under the sun, the strip transforms into a bustling hive of activity. There are bar games, open-air restaurants and hotel pool parties and chill-out spots.

Malia Lifestyle 

Again, being a Greek resort, prices tend to be a little lower. You’ll get more for your pound, but that doesn’t mean wages are all bad.

There’s plenty of commission focussed opportunities on the strip, as well as daytime work in the popular British restaurants and bars.

You’ll find a real worker’s spirit here, with a lot of Brits escaping the rain and clouds for five-months of Malia madness.

For anyone who loves late nights, sunny days and strong drinks: Malia is the one.

Ayia Napa 

Ayia Napa is the last to feature, but by no means the least.

This slice of Cypriot clubbing paradise is one of the most popular choices for sun-seeking, party holidaymakers and seasonal workers.

Located on the east side of Cyprus, ‘Napa’ is blessed with all-round summer sun and calm crystal Mediterranean waters.

Ayia Napa has established itself as a clubbing getaway over the last few decades. There’s a reason why thousands of party goers choose this destination for their summer working away.

Here’s a look at our final Summer Tribe resort.

Ayia Napa Nightlife

Ayias Mavris is Ayia Napa’s main square and party strip. This is where all the fun is happening, straight from dusk until dawn and into the night.

The bars around here are packed throughout the summer months, with crowds of people spilling-out onto the roads during peak season.

Ayia Napa’s party area is a bit more concentrated than other resorts. You’ll find the bars around Ayia Mavris to be competing with one of other, so expect loud music, strong drinks and loads of energy.

It also has its fair share of nightclubs. Castle Club spreads out over five dancing arenas. There’s also Shuffle Club, Club Sin and late-night Club Aqua, which stays open way beyond sunrise – and that’s just naming a few.

Daytime in Ayia Napa 

As mentioned before, Ayia Napa rarely has a rainy day.

Aside from the pool parties, beach parties and massive daytime events, there are so many activities to enjoy in and around this Cypriot party destination in the sunshine.

Quad biking is one of the most popular ways workers and tourists can explore parts of this blue skied paradise.

There’s also the mega Waterworld waterpark; one of Ayia Napa’s main attractions.

You could even gather your new worker friends and spend a day shopping and exploring the ancient capital Nicosia, which is only a one-hour journey away.

Ayia Napa Lifestyle

The Cypriot lifestyle is full of sun, fun and amazing food.

Just like its Greek sister resorts, Ayia Napa’s living costs are a bit smaller compared to other places.

Also, being part of a bigger island, workers out here have more potential to find other daytime work, thanks to the hundreds of family excursions on offer around nearby resorts.

The Ayia Napa party square and strip is still one of the biggest party destinations in Europe, though. In Cyprus, you really do get the best of both worlds.


Quick tips on choosing a destination

  • Do your research. Summer Tribe guides are good place to start
  • Summer Tribe know all these resorts inside out. Whichever you choose will be amazing, otherwise we wouldn’t offer it
  • Don’t be swayed by other people’s opinions. They’re probably bias towards where they’ve stayed (but we guess this kind of proves wherever you go will be incredible!)
  • Join the Summer Tribe Facebook Group to meet your tribe members and ask any questions about each resort
  • Make sure you book as early as you can to avoid disappointment. Come summer, you don’t want to be asking ‘what if?’
  • Feel free to contact us at any point to ask about all the different Jobs that are available in resorts.

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Summer 2022 is On! UK Government announces Covid Plan.

So as we were all expecting, Monday 22nd February marked the day that the main man in charge BoJo has come out with the roadmap to a restriction Covid-free UK.

This is how the roadmap looks:

On 8 March

  • all students return to schools and colleges, and school clubs can resume
  • Secondary school students will be required to wear masks in class as well as communal areas
  • People can meet one other person outside for recreation, not just exercise
  • Care home residents allowed one regular named visitor
  • Stay at home order remains in place.

29 March

  • Outdoor gatherings of up to six people or two households allowed, including meeting in private garden.
  • Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts and outdoor swimming pools allowed to reopen; organised outdoor sports can resume
  • Stay at home order ends but people encouraged to stay local wherever they can
  • Work from home wherever possible
  • No overseas travel

Step two will happen no earlier than 12 April

  • Non-essential retail, hairdressers, nail salons, libraries and museums open
  • Outdoor hospitality in pubs and restaurants allowed with households or rule-of-six
  • Most outdoor settings reopen such as zoos and theme parks
  • Gyms and indoor swimming pools open
  • Self catering holiday accommodation and camp sites reopen
  • Funerals continue with up to 30 people
  • Weddings with up to 15 people.
  • International travel possible with quarantine when back in UK (This won’t matter for those booking a summer abroad with us!)

Step three will happen no earlier than 17 May

  • Outdoors most social contact rules lifted, up to limit of 30 people
  • Mixing indoors allowed for two households, but rule-of-six for indoor hospitality and elsewhere
  • Cinemas, soft play centres, rest of accommodation sector, hotels, indoor exercise classes return
  • Performances and sporting events resume – larger performances with venues 1,000+ or half full will be allowed indoors and outdoors 4,000 capacity or half full (whichever lowest)
  • In very largest outdoor seated venues such as football stadiums up to 10,000 people allowed to attend (or 1/4 full whichever is lowest)
  • International travel with no restrictions
  • Up to 30 people can attend weddings, receptions, funerals, wakes.

So Step four, from no earlier than 21 June, means

  • All legal limits on social contact removed with ambition to reopen final closed sectors of the economy such as nightclubs
  • Hope to lift restrictions on large events and performances
  • Hope to remove all limits on weddings and other “life events”

This is great news for us! International travel will definitely be possible to spend a dream summer abroad with Summer Tribe!

We have jobs & accommodation packages available in IbizaMagalufZanteMaliaMarbella, and Ayia Napa.

When you are booked in with us you are travelling for an essential reason which is to work, meaning with us your travel is not affected. We are able to provide documents proving that you are travelling for work purposes meaning in any case it will not affect your travel.

Read more about the different kind of jobs we arrange here.

We understand if you’d like to change your date to one later in summer and we will change this for you free of charge subject to spaces.

Now we have the clear path out of restrictions bookings are surging for our resorts!

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Can I travel on my own?

Travelling alone is one of the best ways to get the most out of your time working abroad – but we understand it can be a nerve-racking experience. We’ve been there ourselves.

Summer Tribe is exactly as the name says. It’s a tribe. New friends. New family. New memories. With us, you’ll never be on your own.

Over 3/4 of working Brits abroad go solo. It can be a very exciting experience. On your own, you can leave the drama at home and discover much more about yourself, with even more opportunities at your feet and no-one holding you back.
Going to work abroad on your own is one of the best things you could ever do. Here’s why it’s a great thing to do:

More Mates, More Memories

At Summer Tribe, most people travel alone, but everyone arrives together in the same boat. You don’t have time to be nervous about meeting people. Before you know it, your friend list and followers will be firing quicker than the shots you’ve been throwing down on arrival.

You’ll be making memories for life with your new tribe. Stick together, work together and be there for each other. Without a doubt you’ll be making closer bonds than you ever thought possible. This is the first step into a new life, filled with exciting memories that couldn’t have happened without new people.

A Fresh Perspective

Be the most open version of yourself you can be. You’ll meet people from all over the world, each with their own story and way of living. This opens your mind to new experiences and culture. After all, you are in a new country, so use this time to soak-up as much as you can.

Some people who travel with friends or a partner can often get stuck in old behaviours from their hometown. When you join Summer Tribe, this is a new beginning. You’ll grow so much more when you’re forced out of your ways. Good things happen outside your comfort zone.

Endless Opportunities

When you leave home to work abroad for the summer, you can be whoever you want. Learn new skills and discover hidden talents. Seasonal work is fast-paced, exhilarating and rewarding – and this means more opportunity.

The people you meet will shape your summer and your life ahead. Whichever line of work you find yourself in, there’ll be people there with the same high ambitions as yourself. Work hard and reap the rewards. Going solo means you’ll be saying yes a lot more than you would before, which means more staff nights out with plenty of networking possibilities.

Quick Tips For Travelling Solo

 Get online first. Facebook groups and WhatsApp chats are a great way to start. You can join the Facebook group here.

 Summer life begins at the airport, so talk to as many people as you can. You’ll likely find a Summer Tribe member on the early-season flights

 You’re now an open book. Leave the hometown worries behind and start a new chapter

 Save up beforehand if possible. It’s good to have at least another month’s rent behind you when you’re just starting out

 Do everything you possibly can early-on to meet as many people as possible, but be mindful of the fact you’re here to work then play. Don’t burn the candle at both ends and lose your job/mind.

If you now feel ready to Join our Summer Tribe in an amazing resort this summer then you can Apply Here.