How much money will I need for a summer abroad?


How much money will I need for a summer abroad?

Working abroad for summer is an enriching and life-changing experience. You’ll make memories and friends that will last a lifetime. These next few months will bring more magical moments than you ever thought possible.

Remember, you’re out there to work and it can be very financially rewarding. This is far from the 9-to-5 life though. There’s plenty of playtime to come, but you need to nail down the financial side of things first.

Once you’re working, the money will come rolling-in, especially in the high-season when you’ll find yourself much busier than usual.

However in the beginning, you’ll need some savings to get going. Hopefully this guide can answer any questions you might have.


Just like anywhere in the world, some places are more expensive than others. The more high-end holiday places such as Marbella and Ibiza command higher rent and generally a slightly larger cost of living, whereas locations such as Magaluf and Zante will be slightly cheaper and your money will go further.

On the positive side higher living costs also means more money coming in from tourists at your place of work which translates to more money in your pocket so it’s best to try not to prioritise the cost of each resort in your decision, just decide which place suits you. There’s no hard or fast rule here. Whichever resort you decide on, you can be sure you’ll experience the summer of your life. Start your journey today, apply here.


Some can make 50 euros last a week, others can spend a month’s wage within five-minutes of landing. Budget for what you bring in. Try to weigh-up how much you’ll be earning in your line of work. Again, this depends on location, but you can earn anywhere from 25-200 euros a day/night. Your earnings all depend on your work though.

 There are so many opportunities to earn money abroad. For your first summer you should keep expenses low at the start, until you get a feel for the place. Fortunately, season workers who book through Summer Tribe will get looked after during their summer. Expect discounted or free club entry, as well as amazing drinks deals. Your euros go a lot longer than they would if you were on holiday.


A great way to be budget-mindful is through food. Sure, cocktails and eating-out once a while is a nice relaxing break from sandwiches, crisps and cough-inducing vodka – but it’s also an easy way to burn your hard-earned cash.

Unlike on holiday, you’ll have access to a full kitchen, fridge and storage. Local supermarkets on the outskirts will have prices similar to those at home. Stock-up and cook your way through the summer. After all, you’d rather stretch your budget to six nights-out a week instead of five, wouldn’t you?


As mentioned before, there’s no set guideline to wages when working abroad. More traditional jobs such as waiting or office work will likely pay you a set amount. Ticket selling, PR’ing and shot-selling will earn you a commission, sometimes on top of a normal wage.

Like anywhere in the world, hard-work pays off. Don’t limit yourself to the 40-hours a week work culture you’ve grown into. Time means nothing when you work abroad. The opportunities to make money never stop.

Quick Tips

  • Once you’ve booked with Summer Tribe your first month’s rent is already paid for so that’s one less thing to worry about. Try to take a back-up of about the same amount to keep you going until your first pay-packet lands.
  • Speak to our experienced reps. These guys have done it all before and can help you navigate your first summer.
  • It’s not all spending and partying. Find cheap or even free activities in the day like relaxing on the beach, sports or even movie nights in. You’ll need rest at some point, trust us.
  • Don’t ask, don’t get. Always look for worker discounts, bands and guest-list. Worst they can do is say no.
  • Go for it in a group. There are usually deals for a few of you together for things like watersports, super-club entries and boat parties. This won’t be tough when you see just how many friends you’ll be making with your first summer abroad with Summer Tribe.

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