Reasons to work abroad in summer


Reasons to work abroad in summer

Working abroad in summer is life-changing. Each year, thousands of young people will take their first step into sunny seasonal work. The memories made and friendships formed will last a lifetime.

But it’s not the easiest step to take. Some will be leaving their hometown for the first time, leaving friends and family behind for five-months of sun, sea and… you can picture the rest. For many, this is a new milestone of maturity. Not everyone can survive a full summer away.

Fortunately at Summer Tribe, that family-feeling will remain. Now, working abroad in summer has never been easier. All you need to do is pack. Have a look at our gallery or instagram to check out some of the experiences old Tribe members have had.

Here are four reasons why you should work abroad.


A working season is a whirlwind rollercoaster of excitement. You never know what the next day will bring. One minute you could be finishing-up your shift, the next on a boat party your boss scored you a couple of free tickets for, before later heading-up to villa party afters in the hills. When working away, you never know where the next memory is going to come from.

New memories also mean new friends. You’ll meet some crazy, happy and interesting people during your summer. Real characters with a similar mindset and open attitude. You can be whoever you want, so don’t be afraid to push yourself out there and be as spontaneous as you can.


This is true independency. This is your life now: you decide which way you want to take it. You’ll notice differences in yourself throughout the first month, regardless of your age. This summer will shape you into a better and more independent person.

But that doesn’t mean you’re out there on your own. You have a new family and a support system to lean on. You have your Tribe. By working together, you can make your summer the best it can possibly be. You won’t believe the kind of confidence you gain when it’s over.


With freedom comes purpose. So many young people leave school, college and university still with no idea about what they want to be and who they want to become: that’s normal! You’re not supposed to know yet, but after doing a summer abroad, you’ll have a much better understanding.

You’ll find plenty of seasonal workers success stories out there. You could start as a PR in San Antonio’s West End in May. By August you could be a key member of one of Ibiza’s famous super-club marketing teams. These are real stories that happen, but only if you’re there. If you’re interested in booking Ibiza you can here.


Your Instagram profile will be filled with party videos, beach days and glowing bronzed pictures, but despite what your friends and family think after seeing that, you are out there to work. Thankfully, a bad day during a summer abroad equals an average day at home.

In peak season, you can be working A LOT. The rewards are worth it though. Come to the end of the summer, you’ll have banked new friends, new memories and – hopefully – a whole load of new cash, too. It’s not uncommon for seasonal workers who put the effort in the summer to enjoy a full winter away on holiday. It’s a real possibility, dependent on your attitude.

Quick Tips

  • Make your own mind up and don’t limit yourself with your friends or family’s anxieties. This is your choice and you’ve earned it
  • Don’t rely on other people. Some of the best summers ever made have started-out solo
  • Remember you are working. There’s plenty of time for play, but you need to nail down the graft first and foremost
  • Try to save up at least a month’s rent after paying for your first instalment. It will help until that first pay-day lands
  • Don’t overthink it. You’re not moving to Mars. If it doesn’t work out, you’re only a short plane journey from home

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