Resort Jobs For Summer Travelling Abroad During Coronavirus


Resort Jobs For Summer Travelling Abroad During Coronavirus

Seasonal Resort Jobs For Summer Travelling Abroad During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of life on hold. With sweeping restrictions and lockdown after lockdown, it’s hard to remember what normal life was like.

Fortunately, the worst is behind us. The new vaccine rollout is on a successful track in the UK and Europe. Who’d have thought it was possible just last year when the covid-19 pandemic was just beginning?

It may take a bit more time until we reach real normality, though. More positively, last summer, we still managed to enjoy a lot of the things that have been taken away from us at the moment. In July pubs, bars and restaurants opened – and that was the same across most of sunny Europe.

Last season we were still able to enjoy club nights at some of the world’s best party resorts. With the new vaccine looking a success, we know this summer can be even better.

Here’s a look at what you can expect this summer when working abroad.

What work will be available? 

Spain and other European governments announced they would be welcoming tourists in the upcoming spring. With tourism comes service, with service comes workers. All the major international party resorts rely on seasonal workers such as ourselves year-in-year-out.

Beach clubs need dancers, restaurants need waiting staff, bars need DJs, holiday companies need reps. The list goes on, you can visit our jobs page to see just some of the roles.

The sooner you get out there, the easier it will be to land a job for the whole summer. Remember, seasonal work isn’t always late nights and long hours. Work can be found in the day, whether that’s in a café helping in the kitchen or on a boat looking after rental clients in the sun. There’s opportunity everywhere, even during coronavirus.

Partying in a pandemic

Further across the Mediterranean, Ayia Napa, Malia and Zante all enjoyed lively summers. The main strips were open and the clubs were booming. Come summer this year, we know that party resorts across Europe will leave plenty of opportunity for fun.

Ibiza and Marbella adopted a new vibe. Known for their stunning beach clubs, lavish days out and luxury villa parties in the hills, both party resorts enjoyed a different kind of season, but still with all these included.

The super clubs didn’t open, but that still doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of dancing action. Ibiza’s famous O Beach – for instance – operated at a smaller capacity, but still with the same luxury bar-to-bed service and plenty of Wayne Lineker selfies.

Looking forward to summer

The last few months haven’t been fun. The world has undertaken the biggest healthcare crisis in a century. We all deserve a bit more when we come out of this.

Thankfully we can look back at last year when clubs were open across the Mediterranean. Of course, in some party resorts, last season wasn’t the same as usual. That’s understandable. Still, friendships were formed and memories were made at all Summer Tribe destinations.

This year tourism will open-up across Europe. That’s been confirmed. Hopefully – with the vaccine – we can expect fewer restrictions.

At Summer Tribe, we’re all counting down the days until we’re back out there this summer. We can’t wait for you to be with us.

If you’re ready to join the A Team working abroad this summer, with spaces filling very fast it’s important that you apply now.