Top 5 Best Bars in Ayia Napa – Summer Tribe


Top 5 Best Bars in Ayia Napa – Summer Tribe

Top 5 Best Bars

Ayia Napa is a summer party destination with a difference.

Away from its world-class clubs, this Cypriot nightlife capital offers plenty when it comes to its bar scene.

The Square and the Napa’ strip are THE party meccas of Cyprus – but you’ll also find many hidden bar treasures down side-streets and away from the tourist magnets.

Ayia Napa is known for its diverse offerings in music, too. From Rap bars to Rock bars, Napa’ has you covered, both day and night.

There’s a reason this Mediterranean party resort has had thousands of workers coming back each and every year for decades now.

Here’s a look at five of the best bars in Ayia Napa.

Mollys Bar – Nissi Avenue

Mollys Bar is Ayia Napa’s unofficial workers’ meet-up spot.

Its located down on Nissi avenue, perfect place to start your evening with some live lounge styled music. Great drinks prices, and insane quality food.

A brand new renovated bar with live music, it’s no surprise it’s been a top hit!


Probably the most central place you can get in Ayia Napa. Another one newly renovated and brand new. Here you can expect top class drinks, top class dj’s, and some insane skills from bartenders.

They’ve also been known to host a few events here and there with some acts to look forward to!

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar is Ayia Napa’s answer to Honolulu.

This beachfront bar offers a calming location, but – as always – wait for the storm to arrive. Tiki Bar transforms later throughout the day, once the drinks begin flowing.

It’s also the starting point for the Mayhem Bar Crawl, one of Ayia Napa’s biggest and rowdiest all-day and night drinking sessions and something you’ll need to try at least once during your summer.

Bazaar Bar

Bazaar Bar brings an urban flavour to Ayia Napa’s rich and diverse nightlife scene.

Having been a part of Napa’s lively square for some time now, Bazaar Bar has established itself as THE place to be for fans of RnB, Hip Hop, Garage and all things urban.

Bazaar also acts as the pre-party spot for Black & White club further down the square. If you have a taste for urban beats, Bazaar Bar will more than satisfy your music palate.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business is as wild as the name suggests.

Gather your finest animal print and release the summer worker animal inside of you. You are away for the season, after all.

This primate themed dance bar is one of Napa’s most popular pre-club party and late-night spots for both workers and tourists. Here, all kinds of funny business happens – but you’ll soon find that out for yourself.

Hot sun, unforgettable memories and one of the liveliest bar scenes in Europe: that’s what Ayia Napa has provided for decades.

Which bar will you try first during your Ayia Napa season with Summer Tribe?

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