Top 5 Best Bars in Magaluf – Summer Tribe


Top 5 Best Bars in Magaluf – Summer Tribe

Top 5 Best Bars in Magaluf

Magaluf has been a summer party paradise for decades now.

Each year, thousands of young workers head to the hedonistic Majorca resort for a wild summer of unhinged fun and loose antics.

Magas’ famous strip on Punta Ballena is one of the rowdiest places on Earth. Its mile-long neon-lit is a summer party magnet for all kinds of holidaymakers.

But away from the late-night clubs and dancefloors, Magaluf has its fair share of top-class bars and chillout spots.

In no particular order, here’s a look at some of the best bars for Magaluf summer workers.

Magaluf Square

Although Magaluf Square isn’t just a single bar, it had to be included.

Just off the Punta Ballena strip, the Square – as it’s known as – is a hive of bustling bar energy, with a collection of some of the best drinking spots, all bundled close together.

The Square is the perfect meet-up and pre-drink spot for the Magaluf summer worker, all before heading back onto the strip and into the late-night.

Stereo Bar

Stereo Bar is a Magaluf worker’s favourite.

The venue splits into two parts. The bar services the day-time and early-evening Punta Ballena revellers, before the Temple Club opens up into the early-hours. Convenient.

The bar itself, though, is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing with food and sport on offer. There’s even a cocktail masterclass if you and your new worker friends want to treat themselves to something a bit different.

The Red Lion

There’s always a Red Lion. Luckily, Magaluf’s is one of the best.

Located in the heart of the strip, The Red Lion offers what all good bars do; a friendly atmosphere, good people and – more importantly – strong drinks.

The Red Lion is one of the strip’s most popular drinking spots, both day and night. Expect some proper Maga’ rowdiness.

Alex’s Bar

If you’ve been to Magaluf, then you’ve been to Alex’s.

Alex’s Bar and Lounge spreads across four locations, each serving a different kind of vibe and music style. Alex’s RnB, Alex Indie Bar and – the OG – Alex’s Lounge have each established themselves in their own right.

Alex’s Bar began serving-up Magaluf memories in 1995. If you choose this Majorca resort for your summer working abroad, then you’ll no-doubt add more to the list.

Jokers Bar

Jokers Bar provides the ultimate Maga’ getaway for workers looking for a more relaxed place to lounge around in during both day and night.

With filling pub grub, cold drinks and football on the big screen, Jokers provides a popular chill-out spot for both seasonal workers and tourists.

But the pub/lounge/club is also packed with good vibes and a top atmosphere. If things get too busy, though, you can always take a chair and settle down in Jokers’ own Chill Zone room, with pool tables, darts and more.

Magaluf didn’t earn its party reputation for no reason, but this popular Majorca resort really does offer all when it comes to its bar scene.

Which bar will you be starting your night in when you decide to spend your summer working one of our many jobs in Magaluf this year?

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