Top 5 Best Bars in Zante – Summer Tribe


Top 5 Best Bars in Zante – Summer Tribe

Top 5 Best Bars in Zante

Zante is one of Europe’s most stunning holiday destinations.

Its pristine white beaches and crystal blue waters have provided the perfect paradise getaway for all kinds of tourists, from all parts of the world.

But away from the peaceful coves, cliffs and caves: Zante is one of the best party spots on this side of the planet.

The Laganas strip – Zante’s nightlife capital – is a bustling bar heaven, packed with some of the finest tavernas, pubs and pre-party drinking spots on the Mediterranean.

In no particular order, here’s a look at five of the best bars in Zante.

The Sugar Lounge

A worker’s favourite, The Sugar Lounge – more commonly known as Sugar – is the perfect pre-party spot to begin your late-night Laganas adventure.

You’ll find amazing deals both for seasonal workers and tourists, with plenty of discounts, free shots and triple-strength drinks.

If there’s a football match on, Sugar is the place to be. It has plenty of screens set amongst a buzzing party atmosphere. England vs Scotland in the Euros this summer? Imagine the scenes.

The Loft

If you’ve been to Zante recently, chances are you’ve made your way up the steps to the middle of the strip outdoor lounge bar called ‘The Loft’ or ‘Loft’ as its known to the regulars. You’ve also got the pumping inner club as well, really is the best of both worlds!

Ran by the amazing ‘Bluebell’, Loft is a bar of premium drinks, classy vibes, and exceptional service. A certain workers favourite. They’re always adding new inventive drinks to the menu, and don’t even get us started on the shots! They put some serious effort into making home-made shots wether it be the Skittles vodka shots, or the Oreo shots.

If you’re in Zante and you do not go to the Loft, you’re seriously missing out!

Cheeky Tikis

Enjoy a cocktail or two? Maybe five? Cheeky Tikis has you covered.

This Hawaii-inspired open-air drinking spot has all the elements for a wicked night out on the strip, with live music, exotic drinks, beer pong, pool table and more.

Expect a relaxed, but by no means quiet atmosphere. Perfect for those early-evening starts where the only thing that will quench your 30-degree thirst is a Piña Colada with two rum servings. If you want to get absolutely blasted, try the famous Harribo Headf*cker.


A relaxing bar with chilled reggae vibes in the daytime, and a bass punching nightclub at night. This is the perfect spot for your premium cocktails.

Start your night off right with a nice tapas selection from the menu, followed by the mega €100 fishbowl that will take you and the crew some time to finish.

Also there’s an open air outdoor lounge with big cozy seats if you’re wanting more of a relaxed chilled vibe to go with your drinks. We’re also expecting some additional changes to be made for the coming season.

The Pub

The Pub. Who doesn’t like ‘the pub’?

This British-themed day-and-night bar is one of Zante’s most popular drinking spots, both for tourists and seasonal workers.

Its beer garden will give you all that hometown goodness, but without the rain. Added bonus, it also has a wide selection of premium spirits and ales, but still at worker-friendly prices.

We can happily say that we have great connections with these bars and more, making getting your foot in the door for jobs that much easier.

We could only narrow our list to five, but if we had to write about all the best bars in Zante, you’d probably be reading until it was time to get on that flight.

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