Why choose Summer Tribe


Why choose Summer Tribe

Working a summer abroad for the first time isn’t an easy decision. Your head will be filled with thoughts, questions and worries. It’s a big step for those who will be leaving home for the first-time. At Summer Tribe, we’ve all been there.

It wasn’t always easy to work abroad. Before online and social media, young people would more or less be flying out there blind. It was harder to form connections early-on. Many would be going out with no accommodation sorted, no contacts for work and no group to be a part of. Most didn’t make it a month.

Now it’s all changed.

How? Well, here’s why you should join Summer Tribe.

Before you travel

Once you’ve signed up and paid your deposit you’re part of the Tribe. You’ll receive a welcome pack in the post with loads more info, a Summer Tribe t-shirt and your workers discount wristband.

Summer Tribe will handle the legwork. From securing your place in accommodation, lining up guaranteed job opportunities, helping you choose the right flights, 24/7 support & guidance and Tribe nights-out: all you need to do is pack.

We’ll also add you into our social media group chats so you can meet some of the other workers before you fly. As part of our commitment to make sure everyone is settled in we normally organise a weekend away somewhere in the UK so you can meet other workers too.

When you land

Once you join Summer Tribe, you’ll never be out there on your own. Our highly experienced Tribe managers are experts in seasonal work – and partying, of course!

We’ll check you in to your accommodation and answer any questions you have.


Our experienced reps will be on-hand around the clock to make sure your season gets off to the perfect start.


Working alongside some of the biggest employers of your chosen resort, Summer Tribe will get you started along the way towards your dream season job.


With years of experience, planning and preparation: Summer Tribe can offer the best worker’s accommodation available.


Our tribe members will be looked after. Through discount bands, guest-lists and much more, you can be sure that your hard-earned cash will go a lot further with us.


The Summer Tribe team has worked with some of the biggest international party brands in the world, forming long-lasting relationships to benefit the whole summer tribe.

The rest of the summer

Most working holiday companies will provide their service and accommodation for only your first month. At Summer Tribe, we do things differently.


Summer Tribe won’t leave you with the stress and worry of finding a place after your first month. We can offer further accommodation thanks to our relationships with resort accommodation providers.

Friends for life

With Summer Tribe you’re guaranteed to make friends for life with like-minded people, we make sure everyone feels included in the Tribe so everyone can make some great memories to last a lifetime.

Jobs for the entire season

All of our work partners offer jobs for the entire season so after the first month you won’t be let go as long as you’re doing a good job.

If you’re now feeling ready to join the Summer Tribe at an amazing resort this summer then you can apply here.